It is good idea to start your own restaurant as there are a lot of advantages to start your own restaurant. But you must know that there are different types of restaurants and ambiance of restaurants vary according to type of restaurant. Each restaurant has its own unique ambiance and feel. You can also find fine dining Indian restaurants Dubai as people love to try different types of foods. You can also find Indian restaurants Downtown Dubai due to their popularity. But before starting your own restaurant you should know about different types of restaurants. In this article, we have added different types of restaurants.

Fine dining: There are many persons who prefer to visit high-end establishments for special occasions such as anniversary, birthday parties or wedding. The formal dress code is being followed in fine dining restaurants. You will always find formal atmosphere and high-end décor in these restaurants. The staff members are generally more attentive and they follow certain etiquettes for taking and serving meals. Their menus contain exotic and interesting dishes.

Casual dining: The ambiance of casual dining restaurants varies and it depends on the brand and intended customer base. Most of the casual dining restaurants follow same qualities such as moderately-priced menus, table service, low-key atmosphere and unique décor. However, the prices of these restaurants vary from each other.

Contemporary casual: Recently, there have been observed a new type of restaurant which is known as contemporary casual. These types of restaurants are modern and trendy and they follow eco-friendly protocols. They mostly contain healthy food options which features fusion cuisines.

Family style: Some family style restaurants feature shareable platters and some restaurants also offer individual dishes. However, the menu and price of each restaurant may vary from each other. These restaurants provide best ambiance for families and they do not allow individual persons to enter.

Fast casual: There has been observed a marked increase in the number of fast casual restaurants. The characteristics of fast casual restaurants are: high quality of food, high price of food, counter service and contemporary environment.

Fast food: There are a lot of fast-food restaurants with the increase in popularity of fast food. there are many fast-food restaurants which have become famous globally. Their primary focus is on quick service and they serve standardized meals. The food is being served in disposable items such as plastic containers, paper food trays or to-go bowls.