If you want to open a business setup in Dubai, you have many options. The city is a booming hub for global commerce and a great location for an import/export business. It is also a great place to start a design and fashion boutique. Other types of businesses that are popular in Dubai include apparel stores, bakeries, and fashion accessories. Some areas of the city are known for their abundance of fashion and art.

Photography studio

One of the best types of business to set up in Dubai is a photography studio. The market in Dubai is enormous, and you can make huge profits. A lot of foreign investors flock to the city, so it is easy to set up a photography business in Dubai. Another type of business you can start in Dubai is a real estate business. With a strong background in finance, you can also start a photography studio.

Clothing store

If you want to start a clothing store, there are several options in Dubai. If you would like to sell clothes, you can also start an online store. With the help of technology, you can sell products to a worldwide audience. There are many options available to you, and it is crucial to get the right one. You can set up an apparel shop in the city.


Construction is also a great business option. A construction firm in Dubai can expand to a large establishment that caters to tourists. Similarly, a hotel in Dubai can become a successful enterprise. These industries are a good option if you want to start a business in Dubai. A restaurant in a city with a huge demand for catering and beverages is a good choice as well.

E-commerce store or courier service

Other types of business, you can set up in Dubai include an e-commerce store or a courier service. An e-commerce business will cater to the UAE market and be a lucrative business opportunity. With an online storefront and a centralized office, your customers will be able to buy products and services at a high price. There are many opportunities for e-commerce in Dubai.


Another popular type of business you can set up in Dubai is a restaurant. This type of business is popular with tourists, as millions of people visit Dubai every year. A travel agency can be a profitable business in Dubai. It specializes in providing meals to visitors. You can also set up a company in the DMCC of Abu Dhabi, which is a major tourist destination.