You can get foldable prayer mat from any good shop but there are many shops that have mats of cheaper prices and they get these mats from the companies that do not take acre about the quality of the mats and they just try to sell as much quantity as possible. You should not buy prayer rugs from these companies because they will get tear or fade very soon even with the first wash or without washing for once. You need to be very careful while you go to buy a rug especially when you have to gift that because a gift should always be of best quality so the receiver will remember you in good words and they will pray for you whenever they offer prayer on that beautiful and comfortable prayer mat. There are a lot of important things which you need to see in a prayer mat and the manufacturing company, some of them are as follows:

Stitching is the second thing which you need to see in the prayer mat after taking a keen look at the fabric of the mat. There are many mats which are quilted and there stitches are very visible so you need to see that they should be very neat and carefully stitched. Mats which are stitched by the machines will be more clean and neat because machines will stitch on a certain pattern and all the stitches will be of same size and quality unlike the hand stitches although hand stitches are very difficult and expensive. Be very careful in that and check them from near.

Frills are the part of traditional prayer mats and they are usually on the upper and lower sides of the mats. They are of different types and you have to see the neatness of these frills too. They are most of the times attached together in the form of tassels which will look beautiful if they are made carefully and with a certain angle and design. Sometimes there are some beads and pearls attached to the tassels to make them look more beautiful but they will be expensive with these extra decoration so you have to see that whether your budget is allowing you to buy that kind of prayer mat or not. These are for offering prayers so keep them for that purpose.