Buying a wedding dress could cost you a lot of money and that money usually go to waste because you might not wear your wedding dress again after your wedding. So, you can rent a wedding dress. But, renting a wedding dress has both advantages as well as disadvantages that are discussed in this article.

Advantages of Renting Wedding Dresses

  1. Money is saved. Buying a wedding dress can be very much expensive for you and there are some people who cannot afford such high priced wedding dresses. So, the main advantage of renting wedding dresses is that your money is saved and you can spend that money on other expenses of your wedding.
  2. You get accessories. Okay, according to me, this is the best part of renting a wedding dress. When you rent a wedding dress you get accessories along with it. Some wedding shops give accessories like veil, shoes and ornaments that complement your wedding dress.
  3. Designer dresses. Some people have a dream of wearing designer wedding dress on their weddings but these dresses are very much expensive. In order to fulfil your dream, renting a wedding dress is a good option.

Disadvantages of Renting Wedding Dresses

  1. Damage. This is quite the biggest disadvantage of renting a wedding dress. It is very common that you dress gets damaged on the wedding day. So, if you have taken your dress on rent, you will have to pay for it.
  2. Limited choices. Renting a wedding dress could be disadvantageous in a way that you will have limited choices and you will have to choose from only a limited collection that you might not like. So, if you know what kind of wedding dress you want and you cannot find it in rent collection, it could pose a problem for you.
  3. Alteration problems. Some wedding dress shops doesn’t provide you with alteration facilities. So, if you find a dress that you like but it doesn’t fit, you cannot do anything other than dropping the idea of renting that dress.

Wedding dress shops in Deira Dubai are known to give a wide range of collection of their wedding dresses on rent to people who cannot afford to buy wedding dresses.

There are evening dresses shops in Abu Dhabi from where you can take evening dresses on rent. For suppose, you have got an invitation to attend a party and you have nothing formal to wear. You can go to these shops and get an evening dress on rent for a day or two.